The 21st century is a fast changing world, and so is the teaching practice. Traditional teaching and learning are changing so as to keep up with the rapid changes and development with digital technologies as well as the ever-expanding online learning environment. Students today are faced with a differentiated set of attitudes, actions, and skills that they will require in order for them to be prepared for, be successful and also meet the challenges of a digital economy.

Every parent hopes for the best education for their kids but has no idea where to begin their search for a good school. Choosing between a charter school and an independent school can become a roadblock in and of itself for any parent. While independent schools are private, non-profit schools governed by a board of trustees, charter schools are public, independently operating schools started by teachers, parents, community organizations and for-profit companies.

Here at The Academy Arc we will give you all the informations you need about Charter School. We will teach you about opportunities at character school, environment, commitment from parents, intimate classrooms and what makes school faculty different.

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